Born Funny: A Comic’s Chronicle Through the Rise of Alt Comedy

Stand-Up Comedy is a battlefield not for the faint of heart. You either die on that stage or you kill.

In 2002, Steve Collin was a brand spanking new comic who accidentally stumbled onto a burgeoning irreverent New York comedy movement in its infancy. Alternative Comedy quickly gained a following as a backlash to the stale ‘club style’ of the 80’s. It was new and exciting, and Steve’s loose style of comedy was a perfect fit for the ‘Alt’ scene. But in comedy, timing is everything…just one misstep and you become a cautionary tale or a punchline.

A former class clown and comedic natural, Steve enters the stand-up world wholly unprepared for the rejection, heavy drinking and cut-throat competition accompanying it. Recognized early on by comedy tastemakers as a talent to watch, and swiftly securing a litany of TV credits, Steve soon gets caught up in a whirlwind of endless shows, free drinks and the unrelenting New York City nightlife.
“Born Funny: A Comic’s Chronicle Through the Rise of Alt Comedy”, is a novel based on the author's stand-up comedy experience during the significant era that launched a generation of comedy talent. Featuring cameos from many well-known future comedy stars before they made it big, some names have been changed, including the author's.

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