Dragana: My journey from Serbia to America


As a young entrepreneur and mother, I believe that the most essential thing is to hear and be inspired by other people's life stories and lessons, as well as to know what is possible to achieve through these experiences. So, I aim to do the same via my life journey, and this book was written to answer the need for establishing a sense of motivation and encouragement for those who read it. The hardships that began with me being an independent young woman at the age of 13, when I began modeling, have brought it all together. This book is for everyone who is curious about how life has treated me; the experiences I've obtained from traveling throughout the world, from Europe to the Balkans, and even throughout my own nation of Serbia, at the age of 18. All my beauty pageants have left an indelible mark on me and have transformed me into a fighter by challenging me in various aspects of life. This was a sort of maturation in which each person is transformed into a unique individual as a result of their life experiences.