Our Transgender Journey (Author Interview)


Can you tell us a little about Our Transgender Journey?

It’s the story of me helping my pre-teen daughter transition to a teenage boy. I didn’t know where to start when she came out to me and desperately searched for help. It was a journey of helplessness, frustration, challenges, and joys.

What motivated you to write the book?

 I was motivated to write Our Transgender Journey because I needed a way to process things as they were happening. I wanted to tell the story to family and friends who I knew would ask without repeating myself each time.

 I also wanted to help other parents, particularly single moms like me, know that they didn’t have to be a celebrity or have unlimited resources to help their child transition. There are many of us doing this everyday with the resources we have and we’re successful in helping our child be the person they need to be.


How long did it take you to write Our Transgender Journey?

It started as a blog which I added weekly entries to for about 2 years. As Sam started to feel better about himself and our relationship was in a better place I had less to say. That was about 3 years in, so I closed the blog. I really wanted to preserve everything so decided to turn it into a book.


How did you come up with the title for the book?

Brainstorming with a friend. I needed to capture what we went through and let the reader know it wasn’t just Sam’s story or mine but ours. Some steps felt longer and were longer than others, so it truly was a journey.


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Our Transgender Journey?

Oh yes, I didn’t want to use real names, to protect people’s privacy, so the challenging part was remembering their fictional names when I talked about them in more than one chapter of the book. In hindsight I should have written them down.


How can parents or others who need help contact you?

By email: christinaanne001@gmail.com I’m happy to share my experiences with anyone who needs someone to listen, talk to, or just needs help. It can be a challenging process, but help and resources are out there, just ask.


What’s the best piece of advice someone gave you during your journey?

I’m going to cheat and share two: 1) follow your child’s lead and 2) your dreams are not their dreams.


What do you like to do when not writing?

I love to travel and try new recipes. I’m vegan-ish, meaning I don’t eat animal protein or dairy like vegans but, unlike them, I eat fish. I also love spending time with Sam, my family, and friends. Of course, there’s always something I’m watching on Netflix.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

This is it; the journey has ended.


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