Make Me Believe

Many of us believe in the power of God manifested in the form of prayer. However, if you don’t,

read “Make Me Believe” by Jeremy Hahn and I’m sure you will change your mind.

This is a powerful, true story of a man on the brink of death. His wife, 7 months pregnant, faced

the death of her husband and the daunting task of welcoming her son to the world without a

father. On a normal day, joyfully awaiting the arrival of their first son, Jeremy suddenly fell ill. His

wife rushed home from work to take him to a clinic to get some answers, and from there, their

world got flipped upside down. One moment, it was a simple flu, and the next, Jeremy was

dying. Multiple sudden and rapidly worsening illnesses took over Jeremy’s body over the next

few days and to the unbelieving heart, healing was an impossibility. Thankfully Jeremy was

surrounded by many people who believed. People who believed in hope, healing, and the power

of prayer, even when the doctors caring for Jeremy did not.

Jeremy, in pain and the darkness of a coma, was surrounded by a group of prayer warriors. In

the hospital, in the state, and around the world, thousands of believers lifted Jeremy up to the

Heavenly Healer. While steeped in the “void” of his coma, Jeremy had an encounter with God

like no other. Jeremy describes the Holy Spirit as a part of his inward being, “attached like glue”

to his person. While Jeremy had given up hope and in his unconsciousness began begging God

to end his life, end his pain, end his darkness, God revealed the many prayers being prayed

over Jeremy at that exact moment. Jeremy describes this experience as a sort of galaxy of

prayer, like comets swirling about him in the darkness. After wrestling with God and hearing

hundreds of prayers, Jeremy finally surrendered to the life God had for him. Jeremy decided to

keep fighting, for his wife, his son, and more.

After this experience Jeremy awoke from the coma, and God began a miraculous, speedy

healing in Jeremy’s body. When doctors told him his recovery would take months and likely

never be complete, Jeremy walked in the first few days. The medical team couldn’t explain this,

but Jeremy could. It was the power of God and the power of prayer. From there, God worked in

Jeremy’s life to allow him to be at his son’s birth, get off medication, pay off medical debt, and

continue serving.

“Make Me Believe” is a story about a man on the brink of death, but it is so much more. It is the

story of miracles and answered prayers. Jeremy’s life is a beautiful example of how God’s

goodness and grace can wash over a life despite what we may believe. God has a plan and a

purpose for every life, and Jeremy’s story will make you believe in the miracle of prayer.