Hang'n with the Girls


Hang'n with the girls is a beautiful account of a fabulous day spent exploring the many wonderful parks of Southern California by the author Morris Brown and his two wonderful daughters Ty and Vanni.

It is a well-spun masterpiece of parenting ideals from the viewpoint of a proud father who aims to create a strong and long-lasting bond with his daughters that could last a lifetime.

Join in as they embark on this epic journey of fun and self-discovery as a family. See the ups and downs of parenthood as he tries to balance the need to make the expedition through the parks an educative experience and something that two young kids might enjoy. It sounds like a tall order, but with some truly innovative nicknames for these parks they've pulled it off in a big way.

The book also explores the varying personality differences that can be found even amongst children of such young ages and how important the role of a good father figure can help to properly navigate these differences and shape them into strong foundations to build relationships between siblings.

Despite his accomplishments, Brown said the most joy he received came after he got off work every day and when he got home, opened the door and his two beautiful little girls came running toward him saying, "Hi Daddy." This true love for his two daughters is the basis for "Hang'n with the Girls." "Being a girl dad has been some of the best fun I've ever had in my life," Brown said.