The Little Girl Lost in Rhyme: A Captivating Illustrated Poetry Storybook for Unique Kids and Adults

The Golden Child’s mind runs as wild as her hair, will her uniqueness become her cross to bear?

The Little Girl Lost in Rhyme” by Sabine Ruh House is a moving book filled with lush, poetic text and lyrical illustrations that perfectly encapsulates the importance of embracing your own unique beauty.

Francis Bacon and René Descartes, two of the early founders of modern science, viewed creativity as involving the harnessing of the forces of nature for the betterment of the human condition. In fact, creativity is an increasingly important concept in the burgeoning field of well-being research. (Verger, N. B., & Duymedjian, R. (2020), International Journal of Wellbeing)

The book showcases some of the noise that a child with highly creative proclivities can face, each rhyming passage gives readers a preview of how being different from their peers can sometimes give rise to internal confusion and fear of failure.

Being different can be difficult. And when it happens to highly creative children, their inability to clearly and fully understand and communicate their feelings and experiences can push them to hide what makes them special.

But, when given all the love and support they need, every child can thrive and see their uniqueness as a gift rather than a burden.

If you’re looking for a touching gift to give to your kids, friends, or family to remind them of the beauty in their individuality, then you need not look further than “The Little Girl Lost in Rhyme”.

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