Love Counts looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it?

This is a book I fought tooth and nail to write; but the more I fought it, the more I knew I needed to write it.  It just flowed out of me... I just held the pen.


What inspired the idea for the book?

I'm a recovering perfectionist and workaholic. Have you ever been waiting to "get there!?"  

Well my life was, "I'll be happy when ...  I get this done, etc ..."  I had the more disease for many years.  It took a bit on contrast and losing many people I cared about in my life, to truly get it.    Doesn't it for everyone?  Death changes us. It did for me.  Losing my mom, and not grieving for years later, made me search for more.  That was the start of being present and really paying attention to what fed my soul.   We finally realize what is truly important to us.  I think COVID did that for all of us.  It's like the Universe sent us all to our rooms to figure it out. LOL.  I also have a background in infection control, public environmental health, art & green design; so helping us stay connected through the arts, creating nontoxic spaces we love, learning to to ignite the light within and tune into our best potential, all play a role in our well-being, staying healthy in mind, body and spirit was part of this as well.

Although I had finally figured some of that part out... Don't work, until you're dead Sandra, LOL.   My sister is like this too. My mother used to say, "They won't put you were a good housekeeper on your tomb stone, Sans,"  If I can learn to reflect and sit still and meditate ... anyone can! LOL 

It wasn't until I ended up in the hospital, and my glider became my best friend, LOL and I couldn't do much else, but write, that I decided to write this book.  We all have curve balls in our lives; I had a few. I had buried my Dad and my dog within a few hours of each other.  I used to say, the day my Dad or Kenzie died, you'll have to throw me in there with them, little did I know, it would be on the same day, hours apart of each other, just after my father's funeral.  Three days later, our house was destroyed in a flood.  I had a bit going on, a lump in my breast, among other challenges at the time.  However, somehow, I knew that it all had to have purpose in there, some where. 

This is where we really have to grab the holy crap handles and trust.  I was like the bad country song. LOL  We all have one of those I think in various times in our lives.  They're our seasons.  I knew somehow there was purpose to the ebbs & flows, and the BS we all face in life; and perhaps my crazy path might help others on their unique path. 

I also felt like it was a way to help us all get connected, tune into our best self, and get closer to our creator,  no matter what walk of life we come from.  While I am certainly not religious, I'm spiritual.  "Religion is those who are afraid to go to hell, spirituality is for those who already been there."  From the rich to the poor, the whole to the broken, we all deserve a great life.  I truly believe this and this is a big reason for me writing this book. 

I was also coaching some people and found we are all faced with difficult situations beyond our control, which I've dealt with a lot in life, and perhaps my book could help. When things happen in our lives that are completely out of our control, that's when the learning curve comes in... and my book was a way to help others perhaps combat adversity in their own lives, with a little humour and a few bricks on the head along the way.  LOL.  It's my hope, if you're going through a tough time, or just want to live a fuller,  happier life, this book might offer some encouragement not give up, and provide some tools along the way to push through.  We realize nothing in life is ever wasted.  Contrast provides and expands perspective. 

I also conveyed this in my art, "The path to Wholeness," keys to alignment and connection through art,  which also led to more research explaining the science of satisfaction, and how connection can impact our minds, bodies and ultimately our level of joy and fulfillment in every aspects of our lives.


What does everyone want?  To be happy.  This book helps ignite the light within, teaching keys to alignment through my own personal experience, research, clients and what great friends have taught me on my journey.   We can all live a deeper, fuller life with purpose, if we want.  It's choice.  Every day is a choice.

We are truly in the driver's seat.  We get to create the life we want. Once we start to understand this, this is when the magic happens! ~


How did you come up with the title for the book?

We're in a unique time filled with a lot uncertainty, unrest, chaos and division.  More than ever, we need compassion, unity and understanding.  Love Counts was meant to help us all get connected, create more passion in our lives, stay real and have more fun in our lives. It goes into the battle of the inner self, and the more we are true to ourselves, the happier we become. 

The cover of this book was also a big catalyst for the path to wholeness as well as this book.  I had a profound experience which led to drawing that heart, which also expresses so  many important messages, from forgiveness to alignment, and that we are all meant to live a life of joy.  This ironically also even furthered my research, on how our levels of connection affect every aspect in our lives, especially well-being, our levels of satisfaction, and fulfillment in life.

This book details my path to wholeness.  As Jane Fonda said, perfectly, "We're not meant to be perfect, we're meant to be whole."  So many of us die with the music inside.  As a holistic coach and an artist, this book and my art, acts as a reminder to me every day, to stay grounded, and what really matters in life.  Love is more important than ever, in this day and age.  It's also a verb, so I just thought it fit. 


Any plans to turn it into a series? 

The book is available on Ebook and also on hard copy - Volume I and Volume II.  The Rainbow Connection, will also be released on its own soon, which is within this book, which explains more on the science of connection.   There are plans to write a children's book that also teaches the science of happiness / connection, self reliance, satisfaction and alignment.  Stayed tuned!  A dear friend and mentor of mine, also produced an amazing book series for children, "Rhymes for Wellness," by Kira Carillo Corser, which I also encourage readers to check out.


What scene or section did you have the most fun writing?

I don't think I can pick one part.  I enjoyed all of it.  It was very therapeutic for me and also depicted my battle with grief as well.  It's in the darker pieces that we appreciate the light even more.  I feel like I actually wrote some of this with my Dad, whom I miss dearly every single day.  He was very spiritual and this comes through in my writing; both my parents have influenced me in ways I had no idea, nor appreciated until they were gone. 


Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Love Counts?

I was always a people pleaser in my life, so learning to be completely true to me, despite some people not liking it, wasn't always easy.  We all find this out as we push through our own resistance, as we embark on our own unique path in life.  I am very private, so learning to be raw and  real was difficult for me, but it's key to being whole.  A lesson we all get sooner or later... when, it's up to us.  We can fool everyone, but the Universe! Good luck! LOL


What do you like to do when not writing ?

When not writing, I be found somewhere in nature, a park in the city, or even outside in my lawn chair enjoying my lunch at my car, having a tailgate party with  my friends or between meetings LOL.  In the woods, by the water, enjoying a great camp fire, renovating, painting, or designing homes for amazing clients. I love entertaining, great art, music, working with youth, spending time with family and friends. I am very grateful for all the experience.  When not  teaching art, holistic living and design, chilling, or just in the dirt, I can be found overlooking the Bras DOr Lakes, in Cape Breton Island.

Where can readers find out more about your work?


Books available on Amazon

Love Counts.  E-Book


Hard Copy Volume I


Hard Copy Volume II