Hey Doorman (Author Interview)



Hey Doorman looks like a great book.  What can you tell us about it?

The world’s funniest bouncer regales with true tales of Los Angeles nightlife in this sublimely original workplace memoir - Hey Doorman. Essentially it is a book that chronicles nightlife at various bars and nightclubs in Los Angeles, as told from the author, i.e. me, a bouncer. From celebrities to the daily drunken debauchery that transpires when the sun falls on the city of angels. 

Any plans to turn it into a series?

Yup and they’re already out. The Hey Doorman series has eight volumes.

Can you tell us a little about why you wrote the book? Sure. I moved to LA in order to write for television and films, and despite being repped by CAA and 3Arts, I failed to land a full time writing gig for years. So in order to provide supplemental income between part-time writing jobs, because if you don’t know Hollywood doesn’t like to hire big black dudes who don’t write specifically black stuff, I would work as a bouncer on the weekends. And what I found was that what transpired was more entertaining than 99% of the comedies on television. Thus I decided to write one book, which led to another and another and you get the point.

What scene or section did you have the most fun writing? I have no favorite section or scene. But the more benign tales tend to be my favorites since my writing is more on display as opposed to the more salacious tales, where it’s all pretty easy from a writing perspective.

What inspired the idea for the book? America. And in the words of Biggie “If you don’t know, now you know."

How did you come up with the title for the book? Another name for a bouncer is a doorman and one of my favorite songs by Clipse is Doorman. And since I’m a pretty congenial fellow, I added the Hey. Easy peasy.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Hey Doorman? Challenging, not so much. It was a professional task and operation, but the word I would use when writing this book is the same word that hopefully comes when people read the book—FUN.

What do you like to do when not writing? The main thing I like to do when I’m not writing, is not writing.