The Haunting Of Rookery Nook Manor: A gripping tale of a supernatural past and modern day evil. (The Legacy Of Rookery Nook Manor)

Deep in the Dorset countryside stands Rookery Nook Manor, a house with a dark past and secrets hidden away for decades.

Claire and her mother gain employment as domestic staff to hide from a loan shark who intends to make Claire work off the debt in his 'massage parlour'.
The owner of the Manor spends as little time as he can at the property for reasons he does not divulge.
Leaving the two women alone to care for the place.
This is no ordinary house. A piano plays without a pianist . Two ghostly figures seem to follow Claire around and things go bump in the night!
Claire finds a portal in the cellar. Curiosity drives her to discover where it leads.
Never in her wildest imagination would she have guessed.
A gripping tale of past and modern day evil.