Queen: Passionate Poetry about Heartbreak and Empowerment


In the depths of shattered dreams, where the fragments of a broken heart lie, a poetic symphony emerges. It is the ascension call for a “QUEEN."

“Queen: Passionate Poetry About Heartbreak and Empowerment” weaves the threads of vulnerability and resilience into a tapestry of profound beauty. With each verse, this poetry book for women breathes life into wounds, giving courage to defeat pain, rise with strength, and embrace the regal power within. Step into the era of change and claim your crown. Long live the Queen!

Poet and writer Connie Sportiello has written the heartfelt poem "QUEEN" with the noble goal of uplifting women from every age, culture, and walk of life and reminding them of their inherent magnificence.

While some have already found their inner queen, others are on their path and this inspired book is here to constantly remind them!

A Mission to Mend Fragmented Hearts

This motivational book is a lighthouse amidst the turbulent sea of heartbreak, guiding souls towards a shore of healing and self-discovery. Through evocative verses and poignant imagery, the ongoing poem “QUEEN” reminds readers of their worth, encourages them to set higher standards, and equips them with the tools to prioritize self-love. With every turn of the page, the mission unfurls—to instill unwavering confidence and nurture a resilient spirit.

May this poetic sanctuary become a compass, guiding readers towards a life imbued with love, power, and unyielding self-belief.

“QUEEN” goes beyond ordinary language - Its well-crafted lines capture unadulterated feelings, and the rhythmic cadence celebrates the melodic art of healing. With graceful metaphors and heartfelt sentiments, this poetry books for teens and adults delicately delves into the complexities of human existence, imprinting on the reader's innermost being.

A Tribute to the Universal Pain of Heartbreak

With a 6x9-inch size, it is a small and portable inspirational book about mental health, here to be your constant companion. Be it home, work, or travel it fits snugly in a purse and sits proudly on a nightstand, serving as a tangible reminder that you are royalty, deserving of love and respect.

Through its positive affirmations, this healing book fuels every woman’s fire to rule over adversity with poise and confidence. Its profound message offers support in navigating the trauma of toxic relationships and difficult breakups.

A Thoughtful Present for the Mighty Women

Whether you are seeking a present for a resilient boss lady, or a headstrong teen girl, a gift for sister, best friend, girlfriend, or mother, this poem book is a fitting choice. By gifting this empowering composition, honor and uplift the powerful women who make a difference in the world!

Celebrate the awe-inspiring feminine force – Order your copy of a Passionate Poetry About Heartbreak and Empowerment today!