The Diner: A Novel

Jenny entered her forties discouraged that she had failed to reach her number one goal: to leave her hometown. Setbacks and circumstances thrust her into the driver's seat of her own adventure. Through her journey of discovery, she and her co-workers and family find healing and enlightenment as they face their challenges.

Watch as new discoveries open new doors, as well as, further challenges. Feel with her as she struggles with her own demons and darkness and discovers who she really is. Cry with her as she witnesses the pain caused by her adversary and some local town folk. And, finally, celebrate with her as she emerges the hero of her story and the journey of others!

Karl Forehand uses this fictional journey to illuminate the struggles of life and our ability to triumph over trauma from our past. We can be the hero of our own journey.

Grab a cup of coffee and have a seat, the adventure is about to begin!