The Polaris: A Guide To Influence People and Nurture Relationships

My goal behind writing this book is to guide the readers on effective communication and developing good relationships in the same way, that the star Polaris guides people to reach Jesus Christ when he was born. A star in the northern circumpolar is referred to by many scholars and astronomers as Polaris, hence also known as the North/Pole Star. It has a magnitude that fluctuates around 1.98, is the brightest star in its constellation, and is readily visible to the naked eye at night. Polaris is so close to the northern celestial pole, that it traces a small rotation around the earth in 24 hours. Hence it seems like it remains almost in the same place in the sky, unlike the other stars that change places as the Earth rotates on its axis. Because of this unique characteristic of Polaris, it became an important point of reference for navigation by sailors and travelers. For centuries, they used to determine their position and direction on the basis of Polaris.