Why They Are Winning, and You Are Not: The Steps to Finding Success in Life


Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I not where I want to be in life?” Have you ever thought to yourself, “Why am I not winning?”

Success looks different for everyone but means the same thing to all of us. We all strive to achieve, and to reach our maximum potential in life. Whether it is success in your personal business, relationships or job success, most people aspire to reach their goals.

Success is illusive for many but not for those who understand the key characteristics one must possess to achieve it. When we take a long hard look in the mirror at ourselves, we realize that often, we are the primary reason for the outcome of our life.

Why They’re Winning and You're Not, is a book that aims to break down the key elements of success and give you insights as to how to apply them to your own life to achieve the success you desire.

The book details various success stories and gives a glimpse into the author’s personal struggles with success. Each chapter details a key element that all successful people possess, and outlines how to apply them to your life.

This book will help to inspire and motivate you to act by taking control of your life and not allowing life to take control of you!