Infinite Love: My Journey to better Health, Relationship and Finances applying a Scientific-Spiritual Approach (Author Interview)

What inspired you to search for answers to life's deepest questions, and how did your journey shape your beliefs about spirituality and science?

Throughout my childhood, I witnessed war and conflict in Iran, which sparked my search for answers to life's biggest questions. I delved deeply into religious and philosophical teachings, eventually settling on the idea that God was dead. However, a trip to Konia, Turkey and exposure to the teachings of Rumi led me to a deeper understanding of spirituality and its connection to science. Combining ancient teachings with modern scientific discoveries, I developed a new philosophy of life that emphasizes the power of love and energy to shape our experiences.

Can you share your personal experience of overcoming grief and loss, and how it led to your new understanding of healing and the power of the human potential?

After losing my mother, who was my best friend and soul mate, I realized that none of the knowledge and teachings I had accumulated over the years could help me cope with the intense pain and trauma. I began to meditate and connect with the unseen, eventually experiencing an overwhelming sense of love and euphoria. This led me to understand that everything in life is about energy and vibration, and we have the power to create heaven on earth and heal our bodies and relationships. I discovered practical ways to accelerate the healing of our bodies and realized that we are living below 1% of our true potential. By recognizing our true potential, we become limitless and can shape our own destiny.

How does your book address the relationship between science and spirituality, and what practical techniques does it offer to help readers achieve self-mastery and inner strength?

My book aims to unite science and spirituality, two poles of the same battery that must be connected for us to understand the truth behind life. It offers evidence from both ancient spiritual teachings and modern scientific discoveries to create a new perspective on human potential and fulfillment. The book provides practical techniques to help readers create peace and harmony in their hearts, achieve self-mastery, and become resilient. By applying the exercises offered in the book, readers can master their minds, emotions, and lives and unlock their true power and abilities.

Can you describe the moment when you felt a sudden sensation of calmness in your heart and a deep feeling of euphoria overflowed your body, and how did it change your perspective on life?

The moment when I felt a sudden sensation of calmness in my heart was a turning point in my life. While I was planning to end my life and taking a hefty amount of medicine to poison myself, I suddenly felt someone invisible hugging me tight, and a deep feeling of relaxation started to move into my body. My heart got flooded with genuine love, and an indescribable feeling of euphoria overflowed each and every cell of my body. For a moment, I could sense the unseen and realized that I was not alone. I could recognize that I am always protected, supported, and loved. This encounter deepened my connection with the invisible loving being, but now much stronger than before. I felt their arms around me and their tenderness in my heart. This angelic being whispered in my ears, "Everything will be alright, my love, everything will be alright, you are not alone!" This moment helped me to understand the beauty of life and gave me a strong faith that entered my heart. I realized that no matter what goes on in life, I am always loved, guided, and protected. This experience taught me that we all are powerful creators of our lives, and we have unlimited power within us and permanent protection around us.

Can you share a personal experience of spontaneous healing?

Yes, when I was 19 years old, I was involved in a serious accident that left me with a fractured sigma bone under my left eye, dislocated lower jaw, and a displaced left shoulder. The radiologist told me that there was a chance I might never be able to see out of that eye again. However, while resting at home before seeing a specialist, I had a dream where I felt a soft woman's hand touch my face and shoulder, and stroke my jaw. When I woke up, I realized that my jaw was moving effortlessly, and my shoulder was in the right place with no more pain. My mother was astonished and we immediately went back to the hospital where the doctor confirmed that my sigma bone was perfectly fine, and my shoulder and jaw were in their rightful place. The doctor called it a miracle, and I believe that I was healed spontaneously by angels.

What is the importance of understanding who we are?

Understanding who we are is crucial because it defines the quality of our life, how we manage our relationships, our health, and how we confront challenges in our journey. Without a clear understanding of ourselves, we may find ourselves lost, struggling to find direction and purpose in life.

How do you believe our thoughts affect our life?

The quality of our thoughts defines the quality of our life. According to the law of attraction, if we have negative and fear-based thoughts, we will attract similar negative qualities into our lives. On the other hand, if we have positive, empowering thoughts, we can create more of these qualities in our life. Quantum physics also supports this idea, as every possibility and frequency exists simultaneously in an infinite field of information, and our thoughts can tune into and manifest these possibilities.

What is your perspective on the interconnectedness of everything in the world?

I believe that everything and everyone in the world is interconnected and part of a unified field. By choosing loving thoughts, words, and deeds, we can manifest positivity and happiness in our lives and in the world. On the other hand, fear-based thoughts, words, and deeds can lead to misery. I believe that each person is at the center of the universe, as we have the entire universe inside each cell of our body, and as an "observer," we play a central role in our experiences.

What is the meaning behind the logo of Infinite Love?

The logo of Infinite Love represents the concept of the observer being at the center of the universe, with the upward triangle representing +infinity and the downward triangle representing -infinity. The lotus flower in the center of the logo represents the third eye, while the heart shape symbolizes the inner power to create and manifest from the heart. The dots in the image represent the law of vibration, and using loving thoughts, words, and deeds can raise one's vibration.

How can changing one's thoughts and emotions affect their reality? 

Changing one's disempowering thoughts to empowering ones can create health, love, and prosperity. The thoughts and emotions a person carries inside can create a different reaction and therefore a distinct reality for them. For example, in a scenario where a careless driver causes an accident, a person's emotional state can define their reaction and experience of the event. Living from the heart and empowering oneself can lead to a beautiful and fulfilling life.

What is the importance of emotional management in creating resilience?

Emotional management is essential in creating resilience as it helps individuals to master unexpected events in their lives. By learning about emotions and their effect on mental, physical, and social well-being, individuals can understand that their thoughts, words, and deeds define the quality of their life and that they are the creator of their life. By observing their emotional state, individuals can set the intention to change their feeling, recognize the thought behind the feeling, and replace a negative mind-based thought with a positive heart-centered thought. By practicing positive affirmations and remaining in a high vibrational feeling, individuals can shift their emotional state, become empowered, and create an empowered and meaningful life.

What is the significance of setting intentions in raising one's vibration?

Setting intentions is significant in raising one's vibration as it is one of the most powerful steps to creating anything in life. When individuals set the intention to raise their vibration, they are like pressing the (+) button, and they become more conscious of their emotional state. By understanding that every feeling is followed by a thought, individuals can recognize the thought behind the feeling and replace a negative mind-based thought with a positive heart-centered thought. By remaining in the high vibrational feeling created by their heart-centered thought, individuals can shift their emotional state and become more resilient, empowered, and fulfilled in life. Positive affirmations and the power of words can also help individuals to raise their vibration and become a match to the vibrational reality of their desired outcome.

What are some steps to raise your vibration and shift your emotional state?

Firstly, observe your current emotional state by asking yourself "How do I feel?" Then, set the intention to change your emotional state and understand that every feeling is followed by a thought. Replace any negative, fear-based thoughts with heart-centered thoughts such as compassion, gratitude, and appreciation. Remain in this high vibrational feeling for as long as possible and check in with yourself to see if you are feeling better. If not, use the power of your words by repeating positive affirmations or looking in the mirror and visualizing yourself in your desired emotional state. Finally, feel as if your desired outcome is already yours, and hold onto that feeling for as long as possible.