The Distancer

Decades in the future, CyberSynth Incorporated is everywhere. With their specialization in Artificial Intelligence, use of Organic Machines, and discovery of time travel, they have become the world's largest corporation. What started out as a means of automation, has devolved into a device of control. Standards of living have plummeted and lower-level employees at CyberSynth are treated like prisoners.

Even those with white-collar jobs give their lives over to the corporation. The injectable Micro Organic Robotic System, which is viewed as a fountain of youth by the wealthy elite, only serves to replace what makes someone human, from the inside out. Regular people have become secondary to Organic Machines.

Jonas Branford, the man responsible for bringing to life CyberSynth's patented "Distancing" technology, is demoted to a live-in mining factory after a horrible accident. Fed up with the way the world has been consumed by Artificial Intelligence and corporate takeover, Jonas hatches a plan to travel back to the year 2026, to stop CyberSynth Incorporated before they even exist.