Armed to Resist!

 Is it possible to talk about Christianity without referencing the Bible, or have we created a new "American Church" in search of cultural relevance?

Apostasy does not happen overnight; like a dripping faucet, it is gradual and steady. It begins with rejecting Scripture's sovereignty and takes root in seemingly small compromises. Over the course of the history of the Christian church, there has been a dramatic shift away from the original beliefs of Christianity, with many modern churches denying the authority of the Bible. In Armed to Resist!, author Stephanie Jaworski calls on modern churches to return to the fundamental teachings of the Bible.

There are many issues that can lead churches astray, but Jaworski believes the common thread is putting aside God's Word. Today's evangelical churches have conformed to the pattern of America's depraved culture. Churches are pillars of spiritual guidance and should help their congregations deepen their understanding of Scripture, helping them discern God's will amid the noise of the world. The call for Christians to be bold in their convictions and shine their light has never been more critical. Through unwavering faith and the embodiment of biblical principles, Christians can transform lives. The foundation for a bold Christian life lies within the sacred pages of the Bible.