The Misery of Dreams: Chasing a Dream, The Price of Pursuit, and the Lessons of the Journey

In "The Misery of Dreams," Dr. Tarra Faulk tackles the disillusionment and doubt that can arise after achieving a long-sought-after career goal. Drawing from her own experiences, Tarra provides examples and tools to help readers identify work-related and self-induced toxicity, diagnose and understand professional challenges and opportunities, and create a framework of help that offloads busywork and clears space for handling the tasks you were so skillfully trained to handle.

Rather than subscribing to the belief that achieving one's dreams will automatically lead to happiness, Dr. Faulk highlights the perils of this misconception and advocates for a proactive approach to negotiating a working life that brings joy.

Her guidance empowers readers to overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and find fulfillment in their professional pursuits. "The Misery of Dreams" is a must-read for anyone seeking to navigate the highs and lows of the working world.