Kingdom's Con Men

Kingdom’s Con Men provides readers a satirical exploration of America’s current evangelical landscape, through the eyes of former childhood friends Roland Wade and Nicholas Johanson. They’re grifters—one an ordained minister, the other an atheist—who hit the road to target corrupt megachurch ministers.

"Raising offerings is a gift not every preacher possesses... If only thirty folks are gathered, I believe they've got my money among them. Even if one person gives it all, I'm still gonna meet my goal. If it takes three or four collections in a single service, rest assured, by the time I leave that pulpit every ounce of available cash'll be collected, be it from belts, boots, brassieres, you name it." ~Pastor C. T. Lathaniel

"It's why I despised prosperity gospel and developed a strong distaste for the ministers who preached it. I hated how they manipulated believers in their quest for wealth instead of souls. If allowed to, they would've flipped folks upside down, in the name of Jesus, and claimed every penny plummeting from their threadbare pockets... To earnest but beguiled believers, their pastors' prosperity was proof of the promise of their own. But they failed to grasp prosperity gospel's greatest hidden irony: believers' sacrificial giving ensured their pastors were the only ones, regardless of faith or sacrifice, guaranteed to prosper," ~Roland Wade

"l know you're for real, Roland. But what about the preachers who aren't? They're the real scammers, right? Taking advantage of people. Poor people. Vulnerable people. Hell, taking advantage of you. They deserve the same treatment. They're the ones we should hit... Hell, Roll, let's just try it. Pick a few of those crooked pastors you mentioned—the cheats and liars—and hit 'em," ~Nicholas Johanson

"Banned by 1000 churches!"

"The best banned book you may never read."


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