THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE: THE FORBIDDEN BOOK about Planets, Space, Pets, Afterlife, Environment, Autocracy, Ideology, Democracy, Liberty, Corporations, Greed, Wealth, Deception and Karma

This novel is a compelling blend of imaginative science fiction and reflective insights, inviting readers to ponder the mysteries of the cosmos and the essence of human nature.

Are you ready to acknowledge the mistakes we make as a humanity and you as an individual who contributes to them?
Dive into the depths of the cosmos with 
The History of the Future: The Forbidden Book by Rem Statum. This intriguing science fiction novel explores the infinite possibilities of the universe through the story of Sudnum, a planet in a parallel galaxy. Told from the perspective of two Sudnum researchers, the book examines Sundum’s history and its impact on Earth’s future.

The History of the Future will challenge you to reflect on your thoughts and actions, by urging you to glean wisdom from the collective missteps of Sundum’s residents. In reality, are they actually that different from us?
The History of the Future initially received a great response on the planet Sundum and became one of the best-selling books, the so-called "bestseller". Soon, it was no longer available in its original form and was at least partially censored by various confederations. In the Sinistra Confederation, it was available without the part that talks about Dukalis and the Sinistra Confederation. It was similar to the Dextera Confederation, where the book did not contain the part on the Notanay and the Dextera Confederation. It was somewhat surprising that they did the same in the Neutrum Confederation and cut the part that explains Dognalom’s troubles in the Neutrum Confederation. In the Confederation of Independens, it was not available at all. It was only available to a very limited extent in the Traditionalistae Confederation.
The book is now available on planet Earth to give humans insight into the situation on planet Sundum. The inhabitants of Earth should think about this at least a little and learn something from their own mistakes and the mistakes of the inhabitants of the planet Sundum.

Rem Statum, with a rich background in international economics and experiences across various political and economic systems, infuses his storytelling with insights from his diverse life journey. His narrative not only entertains but also provokes thought about our place in the universe and the potential paths of our future.

This book presents the perfect reading delight to all the readers who enjoyed 
George Orwell's 1984 and Animal farm book or Peter Joseph's The Zeitgeist. If you enjoy in entertaining content that leaves a great impression on you, like Michael Moore Stupid White Men, Dude, Where's My Country and others, then it is necessary for you to get onboard with The History of the Future. To top your experience up, mix it up with Douglas Adams's The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and you have a winner in your hands.