Grappling with Love

Romance shmomance

Simona, an unassuming philosophy professor, somehow manages to juggle her burgeoning career with a rich social life. It's hectic, but she copes with the aid of her favorite hobby: martial arts. Blessed with natural talent and a high sports IQ, Simona is a gifted fighter who intends to showcase her skills in an upcoming amateur tournament despite a bad case of stage fright.

All in all, she's the epitome of the modern woman.

However, her friends don't think she's as happy as she appears. After all, she's never been in love. She's never even had a boyfriend. Simona laughs off any attempt to set her up, scoffing at the notion of romance until an enigmatic new professor, Chet Kingsley, joins her university. Something about him seems familiar, almost magical, but she can't place her finger on it.

Will a romance blossom between the two? Or will powerful rivals, bewildering adventures, and crazed former lovers derail any hope of a relationship? No matter the outcome between her and Chet, Simona will come to learn that it is love for oneself, one another, and life itself, which shines light on the darkness.