Hit The Prompt (Author Interview)

Hit the Prompt looks like a helpful book for kids.  What grade level is the book for?
It is primarily for Grades 3-5 but however, students from 6-12th grades can use this instructional tool to write thematic essays and have a pre-planned strategy to be able to develop an academic writing product.

Can both teachers and parents use the book?

This book was specifically designed for teachers, who need an organized plan on how to teach students to write essays and certainly, provides a basic strategy for parents who may not be curriculum experts to help their students at home. 

What inspired you when writing Hit the Prompt?   

My greatest inspiration for creating this writing strategy were my own children, of whom helped me to become their (after school) teacher and those students whom I taught that really struggled to stay on task and focus when writing.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Hit the Prompt?

Truly, as much as this was a labor of love, I really found that endorsing a way for students
to manipulate informative texts was one of the greatest challenges.  Students tend to enjoy
narrative (story) writing, however, informative writing requires more detail selections of information from the text, itself, then students are challenged with the task of paraphrasing this information.  

Can you tell us a little about your background?
I have worked with governmental agencies, corporate management positions and finally derived at my “first love” teaching prior to retirement.  My career positions prior to teaching were a catalyst and enhanced my teaching career.  My corporate management positions taught me to be an advocate for others and to become a “voice” for those who felt they were voiceless.  As a teacher, my advocacy abilities became a welcomed benefit for my interactions with parents, staff, and administration.  You, see, teaching is my “muse.”  However, my greatest joy is teaching the Word of God and that will always be my legacy.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
This is my first published work.  I do expect to continue seeking strategies and methods for children to be able to be successful academically.  SO, STAY TUNED!