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I’m A Single Dad Making Extra Income Creating Books With Help From My Son And “My Dog Champ"

Rand Alexander is a single, hardworking dad who has begun creating educational and interactive books for kids, utilizing inspiration from his son and dog. The My Dog Champ series has activity books, coloring books, and historical books that all help engage children in education. 

Every parent wants to give their child the world in any way possible, and single dad Rand Alexander has taken it a step further. Working full-time as a Media Producer for a large financial firm, he has added an entire series of educational children’s books to his workload to inspire, educate, and provide for his son. Published under AWE Publishing, his own publishing house, Rand worked with freelance artists during Covid-19 lockdown to create illustrated versions of his dog Champ and his son Weston to be the main characters in his book series. 

The My Dog Champ series

The My Dog Champ series utilizes whimsical Disney-style art to help teach children about important topics while engaging them in activities, fun stories, and even coloring books. Rand’s 4-year-old son Weston is not only the model for one of the main characters, he’s also heavily engaged in the writing and design process. 

“Weston loves using scissors and coloring,” Rand says of his son. “He also likes the counting activities in our math book, as well as tracing. Even his love of monster trucks feeds his imagination. In terms of storylines, Weston’s favorite book is their latest creation "My Dog Champ Interesting Stories, Trivia and Fascinating Facts for Smart Curious Minds

How My Dog Champ is representing Black History Month 

As the father of a biracial son, it’s incredibly important to Rand to represent his son’s heritage in a way that can educate other children. For Black History Month in February, the My Dog Champ series has an excellent option for teaching children about Martin Luther King Jr. This very well-received and reviewed book is available as coloring book and story book versions.  Either way, they’re both an incredible tool for parents to teach their children about Martin Luther King Jr. and African American history in a way that engages the younger group and provides all the facts.

Many parents have provided incredibly positive feedback on this book as they are able to educate their children on this important topic in a way that works. 


Rand Alexander is a dedicated single father who is working hard to help make his son’s dreams come true. From featuring Weston as a character in the My Dog Champ series to raising him on his own and working to spotlight topics that are important to his heritage, Rand is building the best life possible for his son. 

The My Dog Champ series is available on Amazon with a variety of coloring books, activity books, notebooks, and history books that all help engage young children in numerous educational topics while feeding their imaginations with colorful and playful cartoons of Weston and Champ. 

The most recent release "My Dog Champ Interesting Stories, Trivia and Fascinating Facts for Smart Curious Minds” promises fun for the entire family with fascinating facts and trivia that will interest all ages. 

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